Welcome to the homepage of the Foundation for Top Clinical Mental Health Care.
Aim of this foundation is to improve specialized mental health care for patients who have serious complicated mental health problems, sometimes with co morbidity, who can not be treated with sufficient result by standard mental health care (multidisciplinary guidelines). It refers to tertiary mental health care where specialists in that specific field have gathered their experience and knowledge to diagnose and treat these patients or to maintain ‘second opinions’ or referrals.

This foundation provides mental health care organisations with a quality mark if they meet the criteria for top clinical tertiary mental health care.

The criteria are based upon patient care, education of professionals, providing second opinions, dissemination of knowledge and experience and management.
There is a procedure to evaluate an organisation who wants to acquire a mark. Organisations will be visited and evaluated by a team of independent, highly educated and broadly experienced professionals.

The foundation tries to facilitate the (more expensive) top clinical mental health care by arranging finances, meant for patient care and research and innovation as well.
Also, the foundation develops a database with information on ‘who is good in what’ in the field of mental health care. This database can be used by patients as well as professionals to find out where they must be for a second opinion or a referral.
In 2008 the procedures of judging concerns the five partners of the Foundation (Altrecht, Parnassia Bavogroep, Rivierduinen, Lentis and de Viersprong). As of December 2008 the results will be published on this website.

Until now we only have general information available in English but in the near future there will be more specific information available in English as well.
If you have any question at this moment please do not hesitate to contact us at: